Videos of the “Virtual Edition” Wannier90 School now online

April 1, 2020

The video recordings of the first “Virtual Edition” of the Wannier90 School are now all available in the Learn section of Materials Cloud.

Beside the videos, the Learn section also includes:
  • the slides of the presentations;
  • the list of all questions asked during the presentations, with detailed replies by the speakers;
  • all tutorial hands-on materials.
In particular, the tutorial was run on the “Quantum Mobile” Virtual Machine that made it very easy for all 30+ participants to quickly get started with the various codes presented (Wannier90, WannierTools, AiiDA, EPW, …) with almost zero setup time.
As an additional benefit, anybody can download again the Quantum Mobile (we used version 20.03.1) and run the same tutorials, even if they could not attend the event.
We believe that these virtual events can be very effective and can become a model for the future, even when travel restrictions will be lifted, with the additional advantages of allowing a broader and more diverse audience, and of reducing our carbon footprint, under the slogan “less carbon, more silicon“!