School on Wannier90 v3.0: new features and applications, 25-27th March 2020 – Virtual Edition

March 13, 2020

Due to ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision to cancel the physical meeting of the School on “Wannier90 v3.0: new features and applications” (25-27th March 2020, Oxford), and to run a “Virtual Edition” online on the same dates.

Talks will be given via videoconference with Zoom [1] (which has clients for most mobile and desktop platforms). Hands-on tutorials will also be held virtually, with participants running tutorials on their own computers within the Quantum Mobile virtual machine [2]. Tutorial materials will be made available online to everybody after the event, and we will also record some selected talks and sessions to be shared online afterwards. The new schedule for the Wannier90 School can be found below.

[Update: here is the link to the Materials Cloud Learn section, containing videos of the talks by the speakers, and the hands-on tutorial materials].

By converting the Wannier90 School to an online event, we are able to accommodate around 10 additional participants for the talks and hands-on sessions.

We ask people who are interested in participating in this Virtual Edition of the Wannier90 School to complete this google form by the deadline of Wednesday 18th March 23:59 AoE [3].

For participants who were previously accepted to the School, we kindly ask that they re-register using this new form by the same deadline (and they will be automatically accepted). In this case, just write “Already accepted” in the fields asking for explanation of your motivation.

We will inform accepted participants by Friday 20th March, including technical details about how to connect online.

We hope that the new format of the event will be effective and prove useful not only to participants but also to the broader community when the course materials are made more widely available. We also hope that it may serve as a template for future events that either cannot be held in person or that desire wider participation of researchers for whom travel is more difficult.

For any queries related to the Wannier90 school, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Organisers: Nicola Marzari, Arash Mostofi, Giovanni Pizzi, Ivo Souza, Valerio Vitale, Jonathan Yates
  • Speakers: Arash Mostofi, QuanSheng Wu, Yusuke Nomura, Anil Damle, Giovanni Pizzi, Roxana Margine, Jonathan Yates
  • Tutors: Ivo Souza, QuanSheng Wu, Yusuke Nomura, Valerio Vitale, Anil Damle, Giovanni Pizzi, Antimo Marrazzo, Junfeng Qiao, Roxana Margine, Samuel Poncé

[2]; a release candidate of version 20.03.0 is being tested, and the release version will be available prior to the School.

Description of the event

Over the last few years, Wannier90 has undergone a transition from a code developed by a small group of developers to a community code with a much wider developers base. In response, the code has grown significantly, gaining many novel features contributed by this community. The culmination of all these contributions has been the release of a new version of the Wannier90 code (version 3.0) with a new website for the occasion ( and a collaborative article [Pizzi et al., Wannier90 as a community code: new features and applications, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 32, 165902 (2020)].

In this 3-day school, we aim to present the state-of-the-art functionalities of the Wannier90 code, with a particular focus on the latest developments (topological, transport and optical properties; automated Wannier functions; high throughput calculations) to both new and experienced users, and developers alike. Each day will involve lectures on selected topics and hands-on tutorials.

Schedule (click to enlarge)