User Guide, Tutorial and Source Code Documentation

The Wannier90 user guide and tutorial are both available in the ‘doc’ directory of the current distribution. They are also available for direct download here:

  • User guide v3.1.0: [PDF]
  • Tutorial v3.1.0: [PDF]
  • Tutorial solutions v3.1.0: [PDF]

The Wannier90 source code is documented using FORD. An online version of this documentation is available.

Videos of past tutorials and events

Here you can find links to past events with an introduction to Wannier functions and to the Wannier90 code, including video recordings of the speakers.

Community Email Forum

A fully archived Wannier90 user mailing list is hosted by Quantum ESPRESSO: SUBSCRIBE HERE; the mailing list will send you a confirmation email, to make sure you want to enrol – please check your spam folder if you do not receive this confirmation email, since you need to reply to it to enrol.

Once subscribed, post to the list by sending your email to [email protected]. We kindly request that you include your name and affiliation in all posts to the mailing list.

Note that you must register in order to post emails to this list. Emails from non-registered users will be deleted automatically.

The archives of the Wannier90 mailing list may be accessed here; alternatively, a searchable version of the mailing list archive can be accessed here.