Wannier 2022 Summer School (and Developers Meeting)

January 28, 2022

The “Wannier 2022 Summer School” will be held at ICTP (Trieste, Italy) from 16 to 20 May 2022 (and “Wannier 2022 Developers meeting the following week).

This 5-day school is designed to allow participants to join both in-person and online, and consists of lectures and hands-on sessions on a wide range of electronic-structure methods based on Wannier functions. It includes highlight talks by distinguished speakers that provide a historical and broad perspective on WFs in electronic structure, dedicated lectures to the theory and methods of WFs, as well as hands-on tutorials at the basic and advanced level.

The event targets graduate students, early-career scientists, and experienced users. The program covers a wide range of complex materials properties using various software packages (Wannier90, ASE, PythTB, Z2Pack, WannierTools, WannierBerri, AiiDA, EPW, TRIQS). Detailed information on the school (including the school topics and the list of invited speakers) can be found on the event page.

Note that the registration is not open yet but will open in a few days, so we suggest that you monitor the website if you are interested in applying. The application deadline is 20 March 2022.
As regards the COVID-19 policy, we advise you to follow the updated rules for entry in Italy, also available on the ICTP page “Access Guidelines for Visitors”. In particular, applicants should check whether they have to undergo a quarantine period at the time of arrival.

Finally, we mention that the school will be followed the week after (23-27 May 2022) by the Wannier 2022 Developers Meeting, devoted to fostering integration between several packages composing the Wannier software ecosystem. More information can be found on the Wannier 2022 Developers Meeting event page. Also for the Developers Meeting, the application deadline is 20 March 2022.