Wannier90 (v2.1.0), released 13January-2017: [gzipped-tar]

See the CHANGE.log for a summary of improvements.

Wannier90 is released under the GNU General Public License

Installation instructions are contained in the file README.install, which may be found in the root directory of the distribution.

The user guide and tutorial are available here. They may also be found in the 'doc' directory of the distribution.

Development Version
The development of Wannier90 is managed through GitHub. On our GitHub site you will find details of on-going developments, and how to contribute to Wannier90.

Electronic Structure Codes

Wannier90 should be used in conjuction with an electronic structure code for calculating the eigenstates of the Hamiltonian operator. Currently, as far as we are aware, the following electronic structure codes interface to Wannier90:

Transport Codes

The following transport codes are interfaced to Wannier90

Additional Packages

Stable versions of the PWscf interface to Wannier90 may be downloaded here.

The following additional programs should be installed to visualise the output of Wannier90

Older versions of Wannier90

Wannier90 (v2.0.1), released 2April-2015: [gzipped-tar]

Wannier90 (v2.0), released 2OCT-2013: [gzipped-tar]

Wannier90 (v1.2), released 15-JAN-2010: [gzipped-tar]

Wannier90 (v1.1), released 21-DEC-2007: [gzipped-tar]

Wannier90 (v1.0.2), released 04-DEC-2006: [gzipped-tar]

Wannier90 (v1.0.1), released 17-MAY-2006: [gzipped-tar]

Wannier90 (v1.0), released 30-APR-2006: [gzipped-tar]